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Dursikshya's Python Programming will help you to jump in the world of Programming. Freshers to advance learners can learn python. In Python you will learn the core concept of programming, Modular programming, OOPs, Concept of NumPy, Pandas etc.

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Why should you take Python Programming course?

Python Programming
Python is easy to use, powerful, and versatile, making it a great choice for beginners and experts alike.
Python Programming
Minimal setup is another of Python’s perks. If you’re on a Mac, just open the Terminal program, type “python”, and press enter.
Python Programming
If you take a look at these companies, you can see they benefit from Python for its ease of use and because it’s great for rapid prototyping and iteration.

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  • Introduction to Python
  • History of Python
  • Why Python
  • Applications of Python
  • Installation of Python and Popular IDEs

  • Printing Hello World in Python
  • Data Types, Variables and Operators
  • Working with Conditional Statements: if, elif, 
  • Looping Statements

  • Function Defination
  • Types of Functions
    • User Defined Functions
    • Built-in Functions
    • Lambda Functions
      • Filter
      • Reduce
      • Map
  • Recursive Functions
  • Doc Strings
  • Types of Arguments
    • Positional Arguments
    • Default Arguments
    • Keyword Arguments
    • Variable Length Arguments
    • Variable Length Keyword Arguments
  • Module Introduction
  • Importing Module
  • Different types of Built-in Modules

  • Sequences Definations
  • List and its examples
  • Tuples and its examples
  • Sets and its examples
  • String and its examples
  • Dictonary and its examples

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Classes and Objects
  • Public, Protected and Private access modifiers
  • Constructors and Destructors
  • Inheritance and its types
  • Example in Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Getters and Setters Method

  • Graphical User Interface Introduction
  • Python Libraries to create GUIs
  • Introduction to Tkinter
  • Tkinter Widgets
  • Geometry Management
  • Working with Images
  • Applications and Projects

  • Connecting MySQL Database in Python
  • Creating Databases, Tables
  • Inserting Data in Tables
  • Working with SQL Queries in Python

  • NumPy Introduction
  • NumPy Arrays
  • Operations in Arrays
  • Indexing and Slicing
  • Matrix 
  • NumPy functions
  • Array Manipulation

  • Working with Standard Libraries
  • Importing Modules
  • Different type of Modules in Python
  • Os Module
  • Sys Module
  • Math Module
  • Date and Time Module
  • Random Module
  • Regular Expression
  • Exception Handling Introduction
  • Process to Handling Exception

  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Creating DataFrame 
  • Importing Data from Excel and Other locations
  • Managing and Cleaning Data

  • Data Visualization Introduction
  • Matplotlib introduction
  • Different type of Charts

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Course Details

Learn Everything about python, History of Python, Scope of Python, Applications of Python, Career Scope of Python, Download and Install Python, Pycharm IDE,Install Jupyter Notebook

Creating First program Using Python, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Conditional Statements, Loops, Command Line Arguments

Introduction to Functions, Types of Functions, Doc String, Different type of Arguments, Module Defination, Importing Modules, Working with different type of modules

Sequence Defination, Working with Lists, Strings, Tuples, Sets, Dictonaries

Introduction to OOP, Class and Objects, Public, Protected and Private attributes and methods, Constructor and Destructor, Inheritance and its types, Overloading, Overriding and Getter, Setter Methods.


After successful completion of the course you'll be provided with a certificate that will be valid to most of the reputed organisations.

Dursikshya's Python Programming Certificate holder are working on more than 100 companies all over the world.

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Developed GUI Application Using Python

Features of Python Programming

  Course Duration

You will undergo self-paced learning where you will get an in-depth knowledge of various concepts that will be covered in the course.

  Real Life Case Studies

Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project where you are expected to implement the techniques learnt during the course.


Each module will contain practical assignments, which can be completed before going to next module.

  Life Time Access

You will get lifetime access to all the videos,discussion forum and other learning contents inside the Learning Management


We provide you with a certificate for a Python Programming Developer based on the project reviewed by our expert panel.


We have a community forum for all our customers that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge

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